Mr. Ravindra Kumar Singh


Ravindra Kumar Singh, the founder of Lautan Buddha ITI is not just the Director of Institution he is the soul of Lautan Buddha ITI. His presence adds life to the environment of the institution. He is the knight who is always ready to guide his army. He is the role model for all his students. You must be thinking of why he is the role model for all his students. Then you should definitely read this column. I am sure you too will start following all his guidelines after reading this.





Creative Work




Education is one of the most critical factors in the advancement of a country. In fact, its the lack of it that has resulted in most of the problems that the world faces today. I am pleased to see Students at Lautan Buddha Private I.T.I glow with the power of knowledge, bloom with the host of activities that enhance their talent, and take baby steps towards becoming responsible citizens of our great nation.

The management at Lautan Buddha Private I.T.I has worked hard to see it that every Students gets all the opportunities, while ensuring that the parents dont get bogged by the cost of educating their wards. We have a hand-picked faculty that revels in encouraging the children to give their best in every endeavor that they undertake. It is their commitment that has translated into many accolades for the I.T.I at various competitions and meets.

Our endeavor is to make  Lautan Buddha Private I.T.I years of our Students the happiest and the most educative years of their lives, to give them a well-rounded holistic education that would prepare them to adapt successfully to the rapidly changing environment of todays world.

We wish to build in our students a value system that would stand the test of time. Truth, courage, determination and freedom must be deeply ingrained in their personality so that they become an ideal blend of the traditional and the modern


Outstanding Orator / Speaker

Sir Ravindra Kumar Singh is an outstanding motivational speaker. He always tries to motivate his students through his speeches.

A Teacher Who Can Make Any Topic Interesting

Sir teaches every topic in such an interesting manner that students automatically get involved in the subjects.

A Teacher Who Touches the Core of the Topics

Nitesh Sir starts every topic with the basics. He builds up students' foundation so strong that the confidence level of his students automatically starts increasing.

Always concerned About our Students.

Ravindra Kumar Singh is highly concerned about his students. He notices each and every single activity of his students so that he can correct them whenever required.

A Spiritual Person.

Nitesh Sir believes in the supreme authority of God. He often organizes "Hawans "and "Pooja "in the institution for the mental peace and goodwill of his students.

A Man Who Can Work

Ravindra Kumar Singh is a highly energetic person. He comes to the institution at around AM and takes leave from there at around PM. During this period he does not take even a single sigh of relief. He is always busy working for the better future of his students.

A Role Model for the Aspirants from B.Sc. Background

The students from B. Sc. Background are always found confused about their future regarding MCA. The thought that they are from a non-computing background often terrifies them. For such students, Nitesh Sir is the biggest inspiration. Nitesh Sir was from B.Sc. background.

A Man Who is Unstoppable

Ravindra Kumar Singh can never be stopped. He is always curious to learn more. H always tries to make things more appropriate for his students. He and His team regularly update the pattern followed in Maths Point Academy to make it's students the best in the world.

One Man Million Tasks

Ravindra Kumar Singh is a dynamic personality. He takes lectures, discusses assignments, discusses test paper and also gives extra classes to those students who miss their classes due to some genuine reasons. It is not possible for an ordinary person to manage everything so smoothly. But yes, He is not an ordinary person, He is a legend and so he is the only one who could manage all these tasks so efficiently.